Having had a vision where our next generation may enjoy an addiction free atmosphere, we thatit is very necessary to eradicate the presence of excess alcohol/ drugs and other contra bands substances prevailing in our society.

We do not blame any individual, family, society, Nation, for the existence of these in our society;rather we will blame our self if we could do nothing for the cause.

So, no longer we are beliefs in waiting for a miracle to happen, hence we walked out to do something against this social evil at our own.

Meanwhile, we strongly understand that it won’t be easy at all to fight against the maniacs which are in practices since very long.

However, we believe that ordinary thinking never brought any positive outcome or will ever.

Thereby, we mothers are out on road to fight against the addiction, without bothering of its consequences. Besides, our ideologies based on trying something rather than being mere spectators.


We ask nothing other than your moral supports and blessings.


With regards,                                            


Jumde Yomgam Gamlin