Mother’s Vision (MV) is purely a non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental, non-religious, spiritually oriented service organization headquartered at Aalo, Opposite General Hospital working in various social activities more particularly in the field addiction for upliftment of our society.


  1. To create awareness regarding addiction among people.
  2. To conduct workshops, awareness camps, counseling session, orientations regarding method of recovery and relapse prevention plan.
  3. Eradication of total addictive substances and rehabilitate addicts and alcoholics through counseling and 12 steps programme.
  4. To create and train women groups and subordinate bodies to tactfully check addictive substances prevailing in our society.
  5. To conduct motivational workshops at schools and far plunge villages for youths.
  6.  To encourage recovering addicts/alcoholics to join back into the main stream of life.
  7. To establish full pledged rehabilitation centre within our state in order to help those poor families who cannot afford to send their relatives at long distanced treatment centre.

Article No. 1.

The organization shall be known as Mother's Vision, office established at Opposite General Hospital, Aalo, West Siang District, and Arunachal Pradesh.


Mother's Vision (M.V) is purely a non - political, non-profitable, non-governmental, non-religious, a spiritually oriented service organization Office established at Aalo, working in various social activities more particularly in the field of addiction for upliftment of our society.


Article No. 2.

Tenure of the office bearer of the organizations shall be in the office for the term of 3(three) years and the term of the office begins as per the foundation day. The organization shall have an executive committee's as executive body and they are as follows:-

1. Chairperson

2. Secretary

 3. Assistant Secretary

4. Medical adviser

5. Accountant

6. Treasurer

 7. Legal Advisor  

8. Counselor


Article No. 3

Power and function of the Executive Body:-

1. The executive body shall be supreme body of organization or its management and in making of any decision for benefits and welfare of the society.

2. The executive body shall enforce the bye-lows of the society.

3. The quorum of the executive body for taking any decision shall not less than 1/3 of its total members,

4. The executive body shall convene quarterly to review the activities.




Article No. 4


a) Chairperson of the organization shall preside over all the meeting of the executive committee and general body. In case of her/his absence, secretary will act own his/her behalf to preside over all meeting of the executive committee. b) The Chairperson of the organization shall authorize any member of the society to conducts scrutiny of the accounts of the society. She/he operate joints accounts of the society along with treasure. c) In the event of any disagreement amongst the members, the decision of chairperson of the society shall be treated as final; such sedition of the chairperson shall not be challenged in any forum or any courts of low.

Article No. 5


a) The Secretary shall be responsible for overall management of the society under the guidance if the chairperson as well as executive committee. b) The secretary shall give minimum 7(seven) days notice to all members before convening any meeting on consultation with the chairperson. c) The secretary shall organize any meeting and discussion on important issue of the society in consultation with chairperson of the society,

Article No. 6

Medical Advisor

a) She/ He shall deal all subject related to health issue. b) She/ He shall preside conducting of workshops related to health care. c) She/ He shall visit weekly checkup of client at de-addiction centers.

Article No.7

Assistant Secretary

a) In the absence of Secretary, Assistant Secretary will have same functioning of the secretary except financial power of expenditure. b) In the absence of treasurer, he/she will function as treasurer of the society.

Article No. 8


a) He/ She shall be in charge in maintaining the accounts of the Society including receipts of all assets of the society. b) He/ She will maintain a register of members dully signed by the members and also the registration of all resolutions.


Article No. 9


  1. Accountant shall maintain all money transaction and cash records/ received and expenditure data incurred of the society in every month. Subsequently the chairperson or secretary will request in writing to the Deputy Commissioner to get the society accounts audited by Government auditor of the district at least once a year. b) Every members of society have to subscribe Rs.1000 (one thousand) annually for contingent expenditure.


Article No.10

Amendment of by the laws

a) The bye-lows shall be amended by simple majority of members present at the general body meeting convened for the purpose. b) The b ye-lows shall come into force from the date of its adoption by the members of the society. c) No member shall challenge any acts or decision of the society in any courts of low, but such matter may be referred to Deputy Commissioner, Aalo West Siang for final decision.

Article No. 11


a) He/ She shall supervise overall training programme/activities especially in conducting of awareness camp, workshops, orientation etc and shall take care of clients. b) He/ She shall provide counseling the addicts/alcoholics. c) To consult others rehabilitate centre for 12 steps programme.

Article No. 12

Legal Advisor

a) He/ she shall advise over all functioning of the society in case of any dispute of the organization.

 b) He/ she shall advise all the executive members of the society for amicable settlement. He /She shall advise to executive members and members of the society regarding how to conduct and to coordinate welfare activities in the state and in dealing legal issues.



Article No. 13

Beneficiaries' Entitlement

Notwithstanding anything in this deed:

a) The Beneficiaries as a whole do not have any right, title or interest of any nature to or in the Fund or any part of the fund or any Income: and

 b) An individual beneficiary does not have any right, title or interest to or in the fund or any income unless and until the trustee declares that the beneficiary is presently entitled to it under clause (Application)

Article No. 14

Application of income and trust fund

The Board of trustees shall be empowered to invest the funds of the trust in movable or immovable properties, in such manner as they deem fit for the provision of section 13 (I) read with section 11 (5) of the income Tax Act, 1961 as well as of any other law for the time being in force as are applicable to charitable trusts.

Article No.15


On dissolution of the trust, the net assets of the trust shall be transferred to an association of persons or trust or society having similar objects of this trust.

Article No. 16


The trust is irrevocable