Met Ratul Dev, Project Director, Nirman, Guwahati


The Nirman Rehabilitation facility in Guwahati was formed by the group of people who themselves were suffering from addiction. Many of them came from different backgrounds and identity with a unique storyline but Nit their strong determination they overcome the problem of substance abuse. The main motto of Nirman is to help the people affected by chemical dependence such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

The Nirman possessed a strong belief in love , case, prayer and meditation and prefers living a drug and alcohol free life.

The Nirman also provides an integrated internship course on addiction Recovery Education (icare) for the students and Research persons who are interested to work on this field.

One of the slogans of Nirman:-

Try Try Again.

All that other folks can do, why, with patience, should not you? Only keep this rule in view; Try, try again.