Visit San-Ker Rehabilitation Center


SAN-KER in Khasi means growth within protection. And they aim for personal growth within the all-encompassing embrace of god’s love. Their motto is “……by love serve one another”, a quotation from the Bible. The founder father of this hospital is Dr. Sandy Syiem who himself is a reputed psychiatrist. It is the only centre in Northeast where addicted and mentally ill men and women are accommodating for treatment. Both indoor and outdoor patients with medicine facilities are available here. It is beautifully situated in large area surrounded by pine trees. The campus is very neat and clean and very hygienic too. During our visit there were 60 male and 40 female indoor patients who were suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. Parents counseling is also done here in every Saturday of the week without any compromise with the parents.

Last but not the least, in every rehabilitation centre we heard that an Addicted Recovery can treat another addicted person/persons; Not by the normal people.